WOWHUH // Casey Jex Smith Interview from WOWHUH on Vimeo.

Casey Jex Smith is an artist and educator living and working in Ohio. Jex Smith’s performances, drawings, sculptures, and installations analyze political and social issues through the often over the top language of fantasy and role playing games. His most recent show in New York, ‘Fiend in The Void’ at Allegra LaViola Gallery, held a critical lense to the 2012 presidential election. Painting Romney and Obama as mythical figures (a fighter and a sorcerer respectively) in an elaborate game of Dungeons & Dragons, the work underscored the machinations of an American political system that is, ultimately, a flawed game of alliance and dissent.

For this interview, we talked to Jex Smith about D&D and the trials involved with being a Mormon interloper in an ever secular art world.

Fiend in the Void, installation view at Allegra La Viola

Ramparts, 2012

King Belian, 2012

Lord Spelldyal, 2012

Collection, 2012

Path to the Crown, 2012

Game Board, 2012

7 Dexterity, 2012

Potions, 2012