The Conversation Won't Melt:
A Dialog with LaTurbo Avedon

by Nicole Killian

selfie in black, LaTurbo Avedon's most recent Facebook profile picture

When I first started using the internet in the 90s, I felt I truly was my authentic self on American Online. It was easier to be me, or a version of me that wasn't necessarily visible in Catholic School. I often think about this, and the notion of being a fully faceted human being online, or the separations we put in place when interacting between IRL and digital platforms.

LaTurbo Avedon is a friend of mine who exists to us purely as an avatar. As social media platforms cover the earth, we are given new tools and ways to express ourselves. LaTurbo uses these devices to be inspired by, make work, communicate with us and live. I wager she spends as much time on the internet as any of us. The difference is, we can't walk out the door and get a cup of coffee with her. Unless that coffee is an emoji.

LaTurbo's work uses Second Life visual language, the structures of social media and identity construction to talk with me. To keep this as organic as possible, our conversation spanned email and fb chat, screenshots and images — which is how the talk will be presented.

~ C L U B * R O T H K O ~ LaTurbo's New Sculpture Studio from LaTurbo Avedon on

final fantasy (poem) from LaTurbo Avedon on Vimeo.

final fantasy (poem)

everything has changed
and the jay-z song was on

every time they turn the lights down
we flying first class, up in the sky
no one sleeps
i stand here, waiting for you
in the neon lights

this is real
popping bottles in the ice, like a blizzard
making my way downtown
It's all I've got to keep myself sane, baby
This is the rhythm of the night
a vision of ecstasy

I can see the stars all the way from here
We're living in a material world
potent fusions, and dangerous possibilities

We're going round in circles
sooner or later the fever ends
and then it falls

and then i fall

LaTurbo Avedon at Dolphin Island

Pop Star, 2013