A Duplication by My Aliens
by Tan Zich

The angles of its face were
Slightly off, bent by 
A vision that couldn't 
Understand how the light
Reflected off of me.

They called it by my name
And introduced it to me
As though we should be friends,
But it couldn't meet my eyes
When I looked upon it.

I would not take its offered hand, 
Glimmering still with salt and carbon.

Its body made the sounds 
That mine made, but it was
Unable to be silent the
Way I made mine silent
When they looked at me. 

It couldn't find the stillness
Between every breath
The way I had to because
Its movements didn't understand
Why I moved. 

It was most obvious when it spoke,
Using its algorithms to sound like me.
Every part of it a reminder:
It was their eyes that took
From me the image of myself
And replaced it with
A duplication that isn't true.

It was the way they saw me
That made me forget
How to breathe and speak
And tell them how I am.